Bubble Photography Workshop – Awesome Abstracts!

Join us for a unique practical workshop in macro photography – with all the special equipment provided!

Thanks to the wonders of physics we are able to capture an amazing assortment of nature’s random abstract masterpieces…and we’ll show you how it is possible!

During our workshop, these stunning otherworldly images are within the grasp of everyone with a DSLR/mirrorless camera and a kit lens.

In this workshop we’ll go through:

  • Why the phenomenon occurs.
  • What ingredients we can use to make the different mixtures and which special additives can enhance the colour and longevity of our bubbles.
  • Lighting techniques (the tricky part – but we’ll provide all the expertise and lighting equipment required, including triggers)
  • How to turn your kit lens into a macro lens (we’ll provide the attachments)
  • Post processing techniques (including us processing your choice of your own images) so you’ll be able to make those amazing images POP!

All you’ll need to start is to be able to change the settings on your camera as we’ll be shooting in manual mode.

Equipment required:

  • A DSLR or mirrorless camera with at least a kit lens. A macro lens is even better if you have one or a lens between 70-150mm full frame equivalent (but not essential). If by chance we don’t have adaptors for your specific camera/lens we’ll supply you with a pro-grade camera/lens combo to use (at no extra charge).
  • Spare batteries and memory cards.
  • We recommend a remote trigger if you have one but it is not essential.
  • You can bring your own tripod if you wish but we have several you can use at our studio.
  • Laptop optional if you want to process some of your photos whilst we demonstrate our post processing techniques.

Don’t think your camera can take great pics? The photo below was taken with a Nikon D3100 with kit lens (an entry level camera from 2010).

Studio location: London, W3 (full details given on booking) – our studio is in a picturesque mock-Tudor setting and is just 5 minutes walk from West Acton tube station (Central Line) and North Ealing tube station (Piccadilly Line).

Free parking available at location for those driving.

Note: This workshop has been tailored especially with Covid-19 good practice in mind. We’ll have only two participants in each workshop and each will be positioned for fresh airflow though large open windows. Masks will be compulsory (a light, comfortable, hospital grade 3-ply surgical mask given if required) and both equipment sterilizer and hand sanitizer is readily available. (Anyone unable to wear a mask please contact me directly).